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Sandboni Spumoni

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As the Gulf gusher moves on to day 80 of spewage, the relentless waves of oil emulsion continue to accrete poison strata on the beaches. And still the sand-washing “beach Zamboni” machines are not swarming all over, each and every night. Those machines have been tested and talked about for weeks (including a positive mention today in this excellent story), so what’s the deal?

Look, I doubt that their cleaning operation is perfect, or for that matter speedy or cheap. But those beaches are getting fresh gunk-loads with each passing day and it’s pretty obvious that the scrape & hide strategy is not a winner. If those sand washing vehicles have any restorative utility at all it seems lame to not use them.
While we wait for the Super Magic Pixie Dust to arrive how about running three shifts of Sandbonis up and down Santa Rosa Island? Because a big toxic, nasty batch of petrochemical-laced cookie dough is no one’s idea of a vacation spot. Or an ecosystem.


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July 8, 2010 at 5:54 am

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It’s Always the Cover-up

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According to a variety of videos made by Gulf Coast locals, someone is using heavy equipment to plow over oil deposits on beaches. The clips show that you can easily dig down a few inches and strike gunk.

As each day sees more and more oil emulsion fouling beaches it probably won’t take too many days of mixing before the beach is less “sugar-sand” than tar-oil-sand aggregate, flavored with dispersant chemicals.
The beaches in the videos are apparently still open.

There are arguments that suggest it’s better to let the oil build up on the beaches, and to scrape them less frequently. Replacement sand would presumably need to be dredged up offshore and may be even more oil-laden than the beach it is to replenish, so scraping may need to be kept to a minimum.

Of course tourist beaches need to be open for business, so frequent scraping may be driven by the hard economics of summer.

But for sure, mixing the Gulf coast beaches into one big toxic, nasty batch of petrochemical-laced cookie dough is a killing blow to the beach tourism industry.

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June 30, 2010 at 4:18 am

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