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Like a lot of people I watched the premier of the stunning documentary Gasland the other night. While the ugliness of hydraulic fracturing was not entirely unknown to me, the scale of the current practice, as well as the manic increasing rate HF-based NG drilling was shocking.

According to the excellent investigative journalism organization ProPublica, 2008 saw 52,616 new HF-NG wells drilled in the US. Yes, 52616 new wells. The previous year saw 49220 new wells drilled, 47984 in 2006 and, well you get the picture.

Tens of thousands of fresh wells drilled every year. Tens of thousands.

For 2008 (ProPublica’s most recent data) that means about 144 new wells drilled each day in the US, or about 2.8 per day for each of the 50 states.

And for those water consumers out there (you know who you are), consider these tasty little data nuggets:

…as much as 85 percent of the fluids used during hydraulic fracturing is being left underground after wells are drilled…

That means that for each modern gas well drilled in the Marcellus and places like it, more than 3 million gallons of chemically tainted wastewater could be left in the ground forever.


That’s up to 3 million gal/well, 8.4 million gal/state-per-day or 420 million gal of toxin-laced drilling fluids and waste-water left underground each day in the USA.

And of course “forever” would assume no possible fluid communication between the traumatically fractured rock formations and aquifers. Right.

Sometimes even a chronic optimist such as myself is throttled by the notion that perhaps it really is a Doomer world, and we’re just dying in it.


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June 25, 2010 at 6:53 am

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