A Look, a Sniff, Dinner!

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OK, I’m sure these guys are fairly good at what they do, but sniff testing for oily fragrance would seem to be a very rough way of judging toxin loads in seafood.

And I suppose that it’s smart of them to staff-up, as the oil won’t be stopping anytime soon.

But who really thinks that the human nose will be adequate to whiff-out not only poisoning hydrocarbons, but also the toxic dispersant chemicals? Sorry, only some double-blind tests with HPLC verification could make me comfortable with this method of assay.

Anyway, there needs to be much more than just occasional backup lab testing of whatever seafood remains to be harvested in the Gulf. Apart from the massive public health issue, the sale and distribution of even one tainted batch of Gulf Coast shrimp will nuke the tattered remains of a once proud industry.


Written by nullsequence

June 13, 2010 at 2:01 am

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