Top Kill Spill

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Sometime late this weekend BP is planning to begin the ‘top kill’ procedure on the damaged MC-252 well site. Success with this procedure will, according to BP,  stanch the outflow of oil completely and provide a kind of temporary cap until one or other of the in-progress ‘relief’ wells intersects. The damaged well, followed by the relief well(s) will then be filled with cement and abandoned forever.

The recent images and video of new, gushing leaks in the bent-over and kinked riser-BOP junction no doubt add a measure of urgency to get things under control ASAP. Any qualms about mucking-about with the possibly fragile BOP-riser junction may have been overrun by PR pressure as well as technical assay. A solid month of firehosed oil pollution is building up as ugly blobs in the deep water, and oozing sludge across some coasts and marshes.

And now that the oil has hit land people (and the press) are getting irate.

Indeed, the next week may determine whether BP remains alive and intact. A failure of the top kill, or even worse, a more comprehensive wellhead blowout, would incite all manner popular and political rage. And after 30 days of this travesty even BP must see that Something Must Be Done, Now.

After all, even once the gushing has stopped, the Gulf of Mexico region will still have to clean and deal with one of the largest oil and ecosystem disasters in US history.


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May 21, 2010 at 5:16 am

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