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Television and other traditional media sources have certainly degraded dramatically over the last decades, so it’s refreshing to see an old-school incumbent like CBS News delivering some meaty reportage.

On Sunday, the 60 Minutes program aired a dramatic interview with  a survivor of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig. There were a lot of shocking facts and claims that will be no doubt debated (and litigated) for years to come.  So good work there.

Tonight’s regular CBS Evening News program also delivered a couple of choice bits of news, including new video clips of the gushing well site.

Apparently CBS, using FOIA requests, forced BP to cough up recent clips including the siphon-in-riser and of new gushing leaks in the bent-over portion of the riser-BOP junction. Those two clips demonstrated very clearly that there is a LOT of oil blasting out, from multiple well site locations and that whatever quantity captured by the siphon assembly is a minor portion of the total.

The program also included confirmation that BP has been monitoring the entire site for weeks, and a bombshell-like claim that BP would be releasing “the rest of the video” tomorrow.  Call me skeptical, but…should be interesting.

Finally CBS showed some ugly, ugly scenes of oil-fouled beaches and marshes, and amazingly,  one of their reporters being turned away from investigating a damaged area by some sort of posse comprised of Coast Guard personnel and “BP contractors”. I’m not sure what that means; perhaps if they had spent more than 48secs on that segment there would be less mystery.

Which is the whole point.  I know there are a variety of political and entertainment industry issues afoot today, but the entirety of the Gulf disaster coverage in tonight’s broadcast was rushed through in just over five minutes.  f i v e m i n u t e s . Would it really have hurt to have devoted ten?


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May 19, 2010 at 4:53 am

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