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Not content to run with the herd, the Guardian’s Gulf disaster headline tonight is: BP claims to be slowing flow of oil into Mexican Gulf

It’s pretty meaty, with a few interesting quotes:

[in the Venice, LA area]…the dispersant, oil and water were forming jelly-like blobs, which were washing up on the shore…

Yummy. Didn’t NPR have live reporting in Venice today? I don’t recall hearing about the jelly blobs.

And then there is this:

A BP spokesman admitted that dispersant, which toxicologists liken to very strong detergent, is less effective if it comes into contact with oil that has already been in water for several days.

Even having followed this story fairly closely I didn’t know that, did you?

And finally, how about this:

The faulty BOP has been subpoenaed by US investigators. BP has been taking images of the device using underwater robots, which it believes will exonerate it of any blame for the accident…

Really? Good luck with that one.

That’s a single article, and there’s a lot more in it. Another great piece of work by the Guardian. Check it out.


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May 18, 2010 at 6:40 am

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