Siphon Is, As Siphon Does

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It’s as yet unclear just what proportion of the riser-end flow of the Gulf Gusher will be captured by the Riser Insertion Tube (aka siphon).  Certainly some, hopefully a lot, regretably not all. Perhaps BP will even deign to toss a few intoxicating data points to the rabble. There is tonight however, a very robust flow of PR.

Some current headlines describing the siphon insertion:

NYTimes.comBP Reports Some Success in Capturing Leaking Oil

CNN.comBP says tube successfully inserted back into Gulf leak

Washington Post.comBP installs insertion tube, begins siphoning oil

Nola.comMile-long tube finally draining oil from busted pipeline in Gulf of Mexico

Of course there is always ONE poopy-head:

BBC.comUS says BP move to curb oil leak ‘no solution’

Some dogs are less lap-able than others…

UPDATE, May 17, 2010: Teh StUpiD is in full manifested bloom on NPR, and the cable ‘news’ channels. With their breathless promotion the public-perceived efficacy of the siphon grows by the second. As for the massive skulk of the Gulf Blob, well that’s far awaaaay in the empty sea…


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May 17, 2010 at 4:44 am

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