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So the President of the US scheduled an “angry” presser about the Gulf Disaster where he exhibited not much anger at all.  But not to worry, Statements Have Been Made, Decisions have Been Cast, cans have been kicked.

Come on Mr. Obama, I voted for something more than this corporatized nothingburger style of government.

Didn’t I?

It is still not exactly clear to me why the revelation that the White House has had access to video and other well site data for weeks has not exploded into the news media.  The short video clip finally released yesterday afternoon has already enabled a number of interesting and disturbing flow rate estimates, far in excess of the ‘official 5000 bbl/day figure cited by BP and the USCG.

Of course, that may be the whole point of the ridiculous lack of raw flow rate data on the Macondo well near-blowout. And certainly it doesn’t look good that BP is firehosing toxic oil dispersants deep underwater, thus keeping the oil extent less visible from the air.  Sure, this is supposed to reduce coastline fouling, but as a happy coincidence it reduces the efficacy of aerial and satellite spill estimations. And perhaps, just perhaps, liability.

Surely, all parties must realize how suspicious this looks. Right?

The President brandished the “trust but verify” adage today. So should we expect that one or more US government agencies will now be gathering and/or compelling release of flow rate and other data? Verify, right?

But it’s now after 6pm on Friday, which means that for the next two days the cable ‘news’ channels will be filled with rich people telling me how to save on mortgages, in-depth deliberation of the latest celebrity mating combos and prison porn.

If an oil well gushes into the ocean but doesn’t stain anyone’s yacht, is it really an emergency?


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May 15, 2010 at 3:57 am

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