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A couple of weeks into the Gulf Gusher Disaster. Lots of efforts, lots of angst, lots of PR and lots of oil.

The Givens:

  • A huge amount of oil is already erupted into the Gulf of Mexico (GOM).
  • A big portion of that oil is there to stay a while.
  • Eventually, the oil will “degrade”, somehow.
  • “Eventually” is not locked to the same time scale as human lifetimes.
  • Existing lifeform populations in the GOM will adapt to any toxicity resulting from increased levels of oil + dispersants + byproducts, or die.
  • The gusher will continue until stopped or the blowout loses ’steam’.

The Perhapses (countless, here are three):

  • There may be sufficient evolutionary pressure that efficient, marine oil-eater micro-organisms arise.
  • Waste products from oil-eating microorganisms may be innocuous to the existing GOM biota.
  • The gusher may increase due to erosion of the wellhead plumbing.

The Definites:

  • Many GOM biomes will get a heaping helping of petroleum-based perturbation.
  • Offshore oil drilling, no matter how risky, will continue as long as there is a market & demand.
  • The Gulf Gusher will be plugged, eventually.

Next up: The “Top Hat” containment dome, now being deployed…


Written by nullsequence

May 11, 2010 at 4:41 am

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