End of the beginning

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It’s kind of an ugly time. We’re at a point in the Gulf Disaster where there is not yet a lot of telegenic devastation or oiled-up macrofauna for the TeeVee.

The flow estimates of the mile-deep undersea blowout have been revised up into the ‘Holy Shit!” range, with hints of even more dire flow rates in the offing.

Politicians are settling into familiar cliches and role-playing. The corporates are bracing against a hurricane of litigation.

But down below, under the water, out of the range of the cameras and ad-driven attention spans of broadcast media, there is an actual river of crude oil being firehosed out of the bowels of the Earth. It may be slowed by a partially activated Blowout Preventer, or it may just be impeded by a pipe diameter and a few tube kinks.

It IS definitely, however, bursting out into the Gulf soaking anything it touches with oily suffocation. 5000+ ft is a long way down and the pressure of that water column must be exerting a masking effect on the true volume of the “leak”.  What we see as a diluted, oily rainbow sheen is the barest leading edge of the disaster. That hole MUST be capped NOW, before the eroding oily/sandy firehose demolishes whats left of the pipeline, or blows out the wellhead entirely. The experts seem to feel that is a worst case scenario, but apparently a very very real possibility.

Now I’m sure there are a lot of smart people working feverishly on this, and I wish them the best. They know better than us in the peanut gallery, triage points and deeper worries.

But please, please cap that hole as soon as possible. And make it permanent. The existing spill, right frakking now will have severe social and ecological consequences for years to come,  and extracting blood oil from that cursed hole is like spitting on the grave of the 11 workers killed.


Written by nullsequence

May 1, 2010 at 5:49 am

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