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Looks like CNN finally has got some maps for their touch screen operators to play with. And a Gulf disaster logo too. I guess the branding is prepped and the coverage can now begin.

But all of the Trad Med has let the leading edge of this event pass with little notice and no emphasis. Yesterday’s  NPR commentary for instance, was deeply passive and tranquil.  A wee boo-boo, way out at sea. La Dee Da! Pass the soma.

Supposedly the Gulf produces about 40% of the seafood consumed in the US.  Even if  some hero engineering takes place and corks that blowout in the next 5 minutes, there is still one big-ass bolus of crude oozing onto marshlands, shrimp hatcheries and oyster farms. I find it hard to imagine that the Gulf Coast fishing and cuisine industries won’t take a brutal hit from this.


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April 29, 2010 at 11:50 pm

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